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You’ll never experience a lack of opportunity with Lafayette Business to Business. We hold regular meetings every Friday at 6:45 a.m. During each meeting, we welcome a variety of highly accomplished speakers who are members of our coalition. Areas of expertise range anywhere from pest control, to web design and production, to medicine and pharmacy. Each speaker brings an unparalleled viewpoint to the organization, and the variety of subject topics and lectures allow Lafayette Business to Business members to benefit from a variety of professional perspectives.

Approximately 45 meetings will be scheduled per year. A representative from each business is expected to attend meetings when they are able, and members should not miss more than 25 percent of scheduled meetings per year.

For more information on the content and guest speakers present in our upcoming meetings, check out our meeting overview.

Next Meeting Overview

Peruse through our esteemed speakers and comrades who will be presenting in the following weeks.

Meeting Calendar

  1. NO WEEKLY MEETING- Happy Labor Day!

    August 30 @ 6:45 am - 8:00 am

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Our Mission

The Mission of Lafayette Business to Business is to promote member businesses through an organized system of networking and the exchange of business leads.


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